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2019 Most Common MSL Related Acronyms and Terms

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Global Results

2017 Global MSL Salary & Compensation Survey

Participant Demographics – What is your current role?

Participant Demographics – How many non-people management employment levels are available within the MSL function (or equivalent) at your organization such as Sr. MSL, Level 1 etc.?

Participant Demographics – In which country do you work?

Participant Demographics – How would you classify your company?

Participant Demographics – How many years of MSL and/or MSL management experience do you have?

Participant Demographics – What is your highest academic background?

Participant Demographics – What Therapeutic Area best describes your responsibility? (You may select more than one if appropriate.)

Participant Demographics – What is your gender?

What is your current annual base salary?

Did you negotiate the most recent base salary you were offered (even if it was a merit increase for the same company/role)?

As a result of negotiating, what was the percentage increase you received in your final base salary offer?

If you received a SIGN-ON bonus as part of your new hire compensation, what was the amount of the bonus?

Have you had a base salary increase in the past 12 months? If yes, please select the closest percentage (%) range to your actual salary increase.

If you received a (year-end, quarterly, semi-annual etc.) bonus, what was the total amount paid in the last 12 months?

Please indicate as a percentage of your base salary, the maximum bonus you are eligible for annually.

As part of your compensation package, during the last 12 months, did you receive any company stock or stock options?

Indicate the value of stock options you received during the last 12 months as part of your compensation

Which of the following benefits do you receive as part of your overall compensation?

Which of the following are benefits that you currently DO NOT receive as part of your overall compensation but would like to receive?

As part of your compensation, how many Paid Time Off (holiday or vacation time) days do you receive each year?

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