Medical Science Liaison Salary & Compensation

Medical Science Liaison Salary


As an MSL or MSL manager, how do you know if your salary aligns with industry standards?

The annual MSL Salary and Compensation Survey, conducted by the Medical Science Liaison Society, is THE most comprehensive, accurate and authoritative resource on global MSL salaries and compensation levels.

The MSL Society conducted the FIRST-EVER global MSL salary survey in 2014.

Salary and compensation is clearly one of the most important factors in successfully recruiting and retaining the best MSL talent. It’s crucial for companies to ensure the compensation they offer is competitive by benchmarking against others in their industry and region. 

Our 2018 Survey had 1,655 MSL professionals from 60 countries participate making it the largest database of MSL salaries.

As a result, this makes the salary survey conducted by the MSL Society also the most reliable database of MSL salaries in the world!

Numerous companies and MSL leaders utilize the MSL Salary data from the MSL Society as their primary salary benchmark data. As a result, each year, the MSL Society hires an external research firm to analyze and calculate the data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Individual country reports were created for all countries that received a sizeable number of responses.  As a result, the 2018 Salary Survey includes a total of 899 slides and is available in 15 versions which includes the global results and 14 individual countries reports: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Are you an MSL? This data will help you determine what a fair salary is, or if your salary aligns with industry standards.

Are you an MSL Manager? The data will also help YOU determine what a fair salary is but equally important, it will also help you to benchmark salaries for the MSLs you manage.  

This is THE ONLY credible resource for MSL Salary data!

Like all our research, all the salary reports are available Free for all members of the MSL Society (as well as those who participated).