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MSL Board Certification (MSL- BC®)

Elevating the MSL profession through higher standards of professionalism, competence,
and industry recognition.

Three MSL Leaders Who Helped Develop the MSL Board Certification Discuss Why It’s Important

April 22, 2020

The New MSL Board Certification: What it Means for You and the MSL Community

March 27, 2020

Perceptions of the MSL-BC® – Survey Results

What is your current role?

How would you classify your company?

How many years of MSL and/or MSL management experience do you have?

Should there be industry recognized standards for the MSL profession determined by a large group of independent MSL leaders?

Should MSLs be expected to pass an independent examination which evaluates their knowledge, skills, and competencies based upon a predetermined standardized criteria for the MSL profession?

As an MSL Manager, would you give preference to an applicant (MSL) that held the MSL-BC® Credential?

Do you think the MSL-BC® is valuable to the MSL profession?

Do you think the MSL-BC® will have a positive impact on the MSL profession?

Do you think there should be a hiring preference given to those that have earned the MSL-BC® Credential?

Do you think earning the MSL-BC® Credential could possibly benefit your career?