Medical Science Liaison Guidelines

First-ever guidelines for MSL activities.

Purpose and History of Medical Science Liaison Guidelines


Over the last 18 months, the MSL Society has worked with multiple MSL leaders, MSL trainers, MSLs and executive leadership to create the first-ever guidelines for MSL activities. In addition, over the last year, we have also collaborated with PhRMA, who have provided content and input into these guidelines.  

The MSL Society has prepared these guidelines as a useful tool to ensure that our profession continues to be an effective leader in making important contributions to advance science that improves the quality of life for patients. The information provided in this document is designed to provide guidelines for the activities of field-based Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and contains information generally applicable globally.  These guidelines are intended to provide guidance to the global MSL profession and the companies that employ them, but they should not be viewed as a code or rules or laws; this document does not supersede local laws and regulations, regional codes, and individual company codes of conduct.

We are seeking comments and feedback from the global MSL community on the guidelines. We have created a survey to allow the community to provide comments and feedback on each section. The open comment period ended March 29th, 2018. This allowed the MSL community to read and consider the guidelines that have been thoughtfully developed by a broad global array of MSL leadership and MSLs with the intent to offer constructive information to guide MSL field work.  Comments may be entered in the open text block. We are asking each individual to also include their name and contact details to allow the MSL Guidelines committee an opportunity to review and consider need for further edits prior to finalizing the MSL Guidelines and making this resource available on the MSL site. 

Please note that the document is lengthy but there is an option to save your comments and go back later if needed.