3-Day Live 

MSL Presentation & Communication Skills Training 

Learn how to effectively communicate and add value to KOLs

This training provides both newly hired and experienced MSLs the skills necessary to be successful and topics covered include:

Effective MSL Presentation skills

Effective KOL Interactions

Emotional Intelligence

Communication Skills

Insight Gathering Skills

Making complex slides simple

Dealing with difficult KOLs

Objection Handling Skills

Building Long Term Relationships


Samuel Dyer, PhD

Samuel Dyer, PhD

CEO - MSL Society

Learn what over 1,100 KOLs want from MSLs!

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Dates & Pricing

June 11th – 13th, 2019

Raleigh/ Durham, NC

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Daily



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Program Overview:


What makes the MSL Society Presentation & Communications Skills Program unique is that it is designed and taught by experienced global MSL managers and trainers. Our program is based on real world experience from those that have actually been an MSL, managed and trained MSLs. The curriculum has been developed using a variety of best practices that have been utilized in established successful MSL programs globally.

This program is aimed at improving participants’ skills while providing new techniques which will give MSLs the edge when delivering a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information to KOLs and other healthcare providers.

This highly individualized training program has been successfully conducted in multiple countries around the world and has received countless positive reviews from participants.

As a participant, you will be assessed throughout the program and each time you present, you will be recorded to measure your understanding and application of the techniques. We have found this to be a very successful way to help MSLs build their presentation and communication skills.

Ultimately, the skills gained in the program will not only provide you effective techniques to successfully present a PowerPoint presentation but will also create a strong foundation of communications skills to be successful in your MSL career.

Highlights of the 3 Day Program Include:


  • The itinerary and agenda includes proprietary information and will be provided to all registrants 2 weeks before the start of the program along with a “Preparation & Pre-assignment” document.
  • Individual Power-Point presentation skills training with each participant presenting to the group (each will be videotaped for later review)
  • Impromptu Presentation skills training
  • MSL Communication techniques crucial to building relationships and a successful KOL relationships
  • Also, there are surprise exercises and activities designed to give you the most real-life scenarios and by limiting the amount of information we give you upfront, we can get a baseline so we can then determine your progress.

This training is specifically designed to provide both experienced and newly hired MSLs the tools necessary to be successful in their careers and will cover multiple essential topics including:


  • Effective MSL Presentation skills
  • Effective KOL Interactions
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Skills
  • Insight Gathering Skills
  • Making complex slides simpler to understand
  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders more confidently
  • Objection Handling Skills
  • Building long-term Relationships

One of the unique aspects of this training is the ability for you to receive multiple tools to help enhance  your current MSL skills.

Benefits of Attending include:


  1. Effective communication skills to be successful
  2. Personalized In-depth MSL PowerPoint presentation skills training
  3. Globally recognized Certificate from the MSL Society
  4. 1 year Professional Level MSL Society membership ($290 value)
  5. Video of individual presentations

Who Should Attend?

This program is open to both newly hired and experienced MSLs interested in sharpening their skills and understanding of how to present and communicate during a KOL meeting. Also those interested in:

  • Understanding what KOLs want from MSLs (based on a comprehensive survey of over 1,100 KOLs)
  • Learning how to present and communicate data in a way that it is understood by everyone who is present during a KOL meeting
  • Being successful in building effective long-term VALUE added KOL relationships 

Dates & Location

Raleigh/Durham, NC


June 11th -13th, 2019

This program will take place at the Hyatt Place Durham/Southpoint, which is located 15 minutes from Raleigh- Durham International Airport.

Address: Hyatt Place Durham/ Southpoint 7840 Nc 751 Hwy – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina 27713 US


The hotel is just a 15-minute taxi ride from the RDU (Raleigh/Durham) airport. We also recommend using Uber as it is very easy to get from the airport (they have a pick up spot) – is hassle free and less expensive.


Shortly after registration, you will receive an email with more information about the venue and accommodation, including a link to make a reservation with the group discounted rates.


PLEASE NOTE: There are 8 seats available for this training. Registration for this training is on a first come first serve basis.

  • $1,995.00 USD
  • included with registration AM and PM Breaks, Lunch each day

Cancellation Policies:


Training Event Schedules

MSL Communication Training schedules are subject to change without notice based on minimum attendance requirements. Please check session’s schedules frequently at. The MSL Society may cancel scheduled classes up to ten (10) days prior to the scheduled start of the event if certain attendance minimums aren’t met. In most instances, a minimum of six (6) attendees per class is required for a class to be held.

Participant Travel Costs
The MSL Society will not be responsible for reimbursing prepaid participant travel costs. It is recommended that participants who elect to incur travel costs for a training session, schedule and purchase airfare and hotel accommodations with this in mind.

Refund Policy
A cancellation or postponement of a scheduled onsite training date made within fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of the scheduled onsite training will be refunded 100% of the registration fee.

Video Testimonials From Participants

Yishan Chuang, PhD

Director, Scientific & Medical Affairs, Biodesix, Inc.

Kerstin Pohl, PhD

Manager of Medical Affairs at Biodesix Inc.

Ann Fiene MS, FNP

Medical Science Liaison, Endo Pharmaceuticals

Tayo Fakunle, PhD, MPH

Medical Science Liaison, Bioventus

Sarah Hnath, PT, DPT

Medical Outcomes Science Liaison, AbbVie

Testimonials From Participants

” Fantastic program. I’d recommend this to any new MSL, as well as those with more experience. It was a nice mix of presentation skills and deep dives on being the best MSL you can be. I came away feeling empowered and motivated, and have a much better appreciation for how an MSL can provide value to KOLs. Additionally, despite over 3 years’ of presentation experience, Samuel and his team offered very critical and relevant advise to improve my storytelling, and useful techniques to maximize scientific exchange. I’d happily recommend this to other MSLs.”

Nicholas Kuypers, PhD

MSL Trainer, Reata Pharmaceuticals

” I attended the MSL presentation and communication training last week (2/26-28/2019) in Raleigh, NC. On the training itself: the presentation skills portion of the 3-day training was very in-depth and I have to say that the video recorded practice was downright intimidating. I understand that practice must be more difficult than the game in order to improve. That being said, this MSL training program challenged my verbal (and non-verbal!) communication skills in a truly next-level fashion. At the end of the 3 days, I felt my delivery style had improved and I am confident that with more practice and use of the training strategies I’ll see continued improvement. Though my current position is different from the traditional MSL role, I found the KOL communication portion of the training to be highly applicable. I have already discussed plans with my manager to implement items directly from the training discussions on MSL key performance indicators and approaches to add value within KOL-interactions. Overall, I am very glad I attended- this was a thoroughly educational and impactful training. I feel strongly that my MSL-specific skill set was greatly benefited. I hope to attend the conference later this year to learn more and to expand my MSL network.”

Hannah Baker, PhD

Scientific Liaison, ACell, Inc.

” It was a great pleasure to meet a professional and friendly environment right from the start. The presentation and communication skills was assessed right away, with input, advice and recommendations following through the course of the next days. There was efficient training for the newly hired MSLs that provided the tools of how to interact with KOLs, commercial and clinical teams, infusing valuable tips for conference venues and clinical trials. The program is constructed so you can evaluate yourself and bring home the elements you can work on and develop to become a successful MSL.”

Vadim Gulca, MD

MSL, Vericel Corporation