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Our Team

Dr. Samuel Dyer

CEO and Chairman of the Board
Medical Science Liaison Society

Dr. Dyer the CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Medical Science Liaison Society.

He has had over 17 years experience within the International MSL community while working for a number of top global companies. During his career, he has led MSL / Medical Teams in multiple TA’s in over 60 countries throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

His management experience includes small (2+) to large (240+) MSL teams across multiple TA’s. Throughout his career, Dr. Dyer has worked on MSL and Medical Affairs strategy and has extensive experience in creating strategic MSL utilization and medical communication plans. He has designed, and created global MSL training programs that have included: on-boarding programs, KOL Medical communication plans, strategic assessments, planning, and execution in geographical locations with diverse cultures /languages. Dr. Dyer has successfully launched of both pharmaceutical and medical device MSL teams both in the U.S. and internationally.

Heliana Sula

Director of Development and Communications
Medical Science Liaison Society

Heliana has over 13 years of pharmaceutical experience in various roles and is a co-founder and board member of the MSL Society.

Over the last several years, she has been very involved within the global MSL community. In her role as the Director of Development and Communication for the MSL Society, she leads the strategic development and management of annual conferences, webinars, training, and other educational materials. She also leads the implementation of the communication plan for the society. This includes public relations, press releases and social media outreach. She is also an active voice within the global MSL community and serves as the manager for the largest group on LinkedIn for MSLs with over 25,000 active members.

Jeff Kraemer

Director of Resources
Medical Science Liaison Society

Jeff has multiple years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries and has worked for Eli Lilly and Co., Roche Diagnostics Corp., among others. He began his career as a Molecular Biologist at Washington University School of Medicine where he was one of the contributing scientists on the Human Genome Project. He then served as a Molecular Biologist in the Pharmaceutical Industry researching genetic variations in a number of diseases and has worked with numerous researchers investigating the latest in DNA science.

Lisa Bourbeau

Operations Manager
Medical Science Liaison Society

Lisa leads the operations for the MSL Society as our Operations Manager. Lisa works closely with the CEO and Directors to create, plan and execute all events for the Society. She works diligently to ensure conferences, networking events and training workshops are successful. Lisa shares the Society’s passion in providing the best source of information for MSLs to obtain and practice to move medicine forward.

Lisa has had several roles in the pharmaceutical industry such as Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and Medical Affairs Recruiter. Her experience while working with Medical Affairs has allowed Lisa to develop a deep understanding of the MSL role and the important part they play in the success of a company.

Breyona Fenner

Career Services Manager
Medical Science Liaison Society

Breyona is the Career Services Manager for the MSL Society and works closely with MSL Managers, internal recruiters, HR, and executive recruiters to help them place jobs and identify the best MSLs that match their needs. The MSL Society has the only job board focused exclusively on MSLs and has the largest network of MSL’s in the world with an audience of over 30,000 MSL professionals.

Among other activities, she implements and executes strategic plans to build awareness of the services of the MSL Society job board as the go-to resource for helping MSLs and managers throughout their careers.